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Wu Zhicheng (L), one of the 10 oldest women in Shanghai. The 107-year-old said she loves to eat meat, drink yellow wine and plays tablet computer and WeChat. [Photos by He Qi / chinadaily.com.cn]

A 110-year-old woman has been named as the oldest living person in Shanghai.

City authorities on Wednesday released the latest list of centenarians and Luo Shimin, who was born in October 1907, was found to be the eldest resident. The list also contained three centenarian couples.

Life expectancy in Shanghai currently hits 83.18 years, 6.68 years more than the national average. According to the authorities, there were 1,959 people aged 100 or older as of the end of 2016, compared with only one person who was aged 100 in 1953. There were also 27,000 people aged 95 and above.

Wu Zhicheng, 107, was one of the two centenarians who participated in a ceremony to mark the release of the list. Born in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, in August 1910, Wu moved to Shanghai in 1929 where she had 13 children.

While sharing about her secrets to longevity, Wu said eating her favorite foods such as fatty meat, duck skin and chicken butt was the key to her leading a happy life. Wu added that she has a slew of hobbies including reading martial arts novels, and listening to the storytelling and singing ballads in the Suzhou dialect.

Despite her age, Wu is a fan of tablet computers and messaging tools like WeChat. She said that she is active in chat groups on WeChat and uses the application to help manage family affairs.

He Qi in Shanghai contributed to this story.

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